About us

Cangurione brand of Metiş Deri

Metis Deri started in 1998 and has grown from a small workshop of 60 m2 to a 1,250 m2 sized production facility for leather goods, under the leadership and guidance of Cumali Ulaş, who started the business.


From our humble beginnings to now, our main focus has always been quality, attention to detail and customer service.  Most of our customers, we have worked with them for many years.


We can sell our own branded and developed Cangurione products or produce under your own brand as per your exact requirements.  We produce different shapes and sizes of leather good accessories. 

We can also work with canvas and other materials combined with leather.   We have the capacity to increase our production levels. We produce all products in our facility and do not out source any of our production.


+90 216 612 90 81